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Get peace of mind when you purchase an extended warranty. We offer Mopar Vehicle Protection Plans and Ford Extended Services Plans that you can access with a quick quote! There is no easier way to get coverage for Ford, Chrysler, Lincoln, Dodge, Jeep, and other models. With a full range of extended warranty plans, you can get the one that fits your needs and budget.

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While it's true that the quality of newer vehicles has never been better, it's also true that the cost of vehicle repairs has never been higher, leading one in every three motorists into debt to cover the cost of an unexpected repair. This is why an extended vehicle warranty is a sound investment. In fact, there are different levels of warranty protection available so that you can find the protection that fits your exact situation. Too often the length of monthly vehicle payment extends beyond the life of the manufacturer's warranty that comes with a new vehicle. When this happens, an unexpected repair can cost you thousands of dollars in addition to the payments you are still making on the vehicle. The same applies for late-model used vehicles, which often come with no original warranty still in place. Depending upon the coverage you choose, you know that any repairs covered under the warranty will have a predetermined deductible, which most often is considerably less than the cost of the repair. That is the peace of mind that every driver deserves. Nobody wants an unexpected repair. When you have an extended vehicle warranty in place, however, you take much of the uncertainty out of the situation. That alone, is more than worth the cost of the warranty. To learn more about the vehicle warranty that best suits your needs, get a quick quote on any of our Mopar Vehicle Protection Plans or Ford Extended Services Plans today!