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The Rise of Chinese AutomakIn the United States, we don't hear about Chinese automakers all that often. Did you know, however, that the automotive industry in China produces more vehicles than any other country? There are several Chinese automakers that fill the streets with reliable vehicles.

Today, we're going to discuss the “Big Four” Chinese automakers. We'll give relevant information about each one, along with their plans to start selling vehicles in the United States.

1. SAIC Motor

Planning a Car Museum TourAre you looking to tour all the best car museums in the United States? We don't blame you. There are plenty of automotive museums stocked with amazing examples of automotive history spread all over the country.

If you're looking to plan a car museum tour, read through this list of our picks for the top ten car museums in the United States. Then, pack your suitcase.

1. National Automobile Museum – Reno, Nevada

If you're looking for the only Dymaxion car in existence, you need to visit the National Automobile Museum. This outstanding collection of vehicles spans from the rare to the famous, including showstoppers like the car James Dean drove in Rebel Without a Cause. You won't find a collection as robust as this one very often.

Lucid Cars Enters the RaceElectric vehicles (EVs) have become the main topic of conversation in the automotive world. While the big companies are speeding ahead to fill the roads with EVs, a new company has emerged with a different idea: To take down Tesla.

Tesla has grown to become synonymous with EVs and they've done wonders to popularize the concept. Lucid, however, is a startup that aims to directly compete with Tesla over the luxury EV market.

What is Lucid? What do we know about them? What kind of cars are they making? How do they plan to take on Tesla and other automakers?

When Turning Radius Matters"Turning radius" is a specification that describes how much space your car needs to be able to turn around and go in the other direction. The turning radius is determined by the space needed to turn your wheel all the way in one direction from the straight-ahead position.

Instead of using numbers to describe a car's turning radius, car owners will typically describe it as a matter of "tight" and "loose," with tight meaning the car is more difficult to turn and has a shorter turning radius. It's technically described in meters. The average turning radius is 10.4-10.7 meters. The lower the number, the easier your life will be.

Today, we're going to examine situations in which turning radius matters. Let's dive in.

The Difference Between HorsHorsepower and torque are both related to a vehicle's engine, but not enough people know the difference between these two terms. They're included in every vehicle's specification sheet, they're always mentioned in vehicle reviews, and they're often highlighted in ads, too. But what do these terms actually mean?

What is Torque?

Put in its simplest terms, torque is a measurement of force multiplied by distance. It's the reason why the same amount of strength will generate more torque when a wrench is longer. When it's applied to vehicles, it's specifically referring to the motor applying force to the crankshaft, resulting in the spin of your tires.

What is Horsepower?