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What is a Wheel BearingYou might not see them in the usual course of driving your car, but wheel bearings are what allow your vehicle to glide gently down the road. Without wheel bearings, friction would be nearly impossible to overcome, and your car wouldn't budge. That, or we'd be relying on copious amounts of lubricant.

What Wheel Bearings Do

Between the wheels and the axles/hubs, wheel bearings are there, ensuring that the wheels turn. The wheel bearings contain either steel ball bearings or tapered bearings that give a friction-free surface for smooth spinning.

How do Hybrid Cars WorkAh, hybrids. Once considered wimpy compromise cars for people concerned about the environment and not driving pleasure, now hybrids are some of the world's most compelling hypercars.

As soon as automotive enthusiasts realized that electric motors could propel vehicles with alarming amounts of torque, hybrids were embraced. But how do they work?

Internal Combustion Engine + Electric Motor = Hybrid

At its simplest, a hybrid car is one that has a gas, diesel, or another type of internal combustion engine (ICE) paired with one or more electric motors to drive the wheels. These motors can be for the benefit of fuel economy, allowing the car to get away with a less powerful and more efficient ICE.

Getting Stains Out of Car SeatsWell, dangit. You've gone and spilled some liquid on your car seats, and that liquid definitely doesn't belong there. But don't worry! We've all spilled a beverage or two on car seats ourselves, so we've picked up some know-how on getting stains out.

Cloth Seats

Driving enthusiasts love cloth seats. They grip the driver better, and they're cooler to the touch. The problem is that they tend to stain more easily. You have to work fast if you don't want the stain to be permanent!

The Skinny on Wiper BladesIf you've ever walked into an auto parts store and seen the myriad types and sizes of wiper blades available, you might have wondered why there are so many different kinds.

The various sizes make sense--not every vehicle has the same size windshield--but why are there so many brands? And sometimes, the same size wiper from the same brand comes in different varieties! What's the deal?

Well, wipers come in different varieties because not everyone has the same need for their wipers. Some cost more because they last longer or do a better job cleaning the windshield.

Let's dig into some of the different kinds of wipers you'll run across to help you decide which is right for you.

Conventional Wiper Blades

This is the style you're probably most used to. These are made of metal or plastic and have anywhere from four to eight "touchpoints" that keep the blade against the windshield. All these points are articulated, flexing as the wiper goes through its motions.

The Matchbox Market for Toy Car Collectors"Matchbox or Hot Wheels?" Believe it or not, this was the original "Mac or PC?" debate--only more fierce.

While Hot Wheels certainly grabbed the lion's share of pop culture references and is still beating Matchbox in sales, both properties are owned by Mattel now and occupy different niches.

Hot Wheels focuses on more outrageous original designs, while Matchbox focuses on tiny models of real-world cars.

But what about collectible Matchbox cars? Whether vintage or modern, there are some seriously valuable Matchbox models you can buy if you have deep pockets.

What Makes Them Valuable?

As with most anything collectible, some essential factors determine value: