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The Biggest Truck Stops in Road trips are awesome. Heading out on the highway, hitting some back roads, maybe even heading to one of the great driver's roads like the Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee/North Carolina. But eventually, you'll have to take a break.

You'll need gas, food, a restroom, or maybe a new charging cable after you realize your old one wasn't charging your phone. If you want to get all of that done at once, there's no better place than a truck stop. And there are no better truck stops than these.

Iowa 80

Well, Iowa 80 isn't the largest truck stop in America. Nope. Iowa 80 is the largest truck stop in the world. Just off I-80 at exit 284 in Walcott, Iowa, the Iowa 80 truck stop is more like a mall crossed with an airport terminal. It has a movie theater, a pet wash, a library, a barbershop, a dentist's office, a workout room, and even a chiropractor.

How Much Tint Is Too Much TDon't expect a quick or easy answer to the question of tinting, because different states have different rules about how much tint they'll allow. Depending on where you live, you might be able to get nearly opaque windows, or you might not be able to so much as smudge your windows without getting a ticket.

Tint Percentage

The way to measure window tinting is by Visible Light Transmission (VLT). VLT gives a percentage to indicate how much light passes through, with 100% being the most light and 0% being the least. 100% is no tint, and 0% completely blocks light.

Why Tint Your Windows at All?

Concept Cars That Made It tUsually, when a car manufacturer unveils a concept car, it's met with ooohs and aaahs, and then collectively, everyone realizes that it'll never make it into production. There are those rare times, however, when a concept car not only gets the green light and is sold to the public nearly untouched from its concept form.

Here, let's celebrate the times that's happened and (in at least one case) shake our heads.

Porsche Boxster

Winter Car Storage TipsMaybe you're putting your classic ride away until spring comes back so you can drive on snow-free roads. Perhaps you just need to keep your car ready to start at a moment's notice, even when the temperature stays below zero at the warmest part of the day.

Either way, winter weather brings a whole new set of challenges for cars. Let's go over what you need to do to keep your precious automobile from becoming a two-ton paperweight.

Clean Everything

Because you may be covering the car with a tarp or dedicated car cover, give it a good wash and wax. Do it by hand, too; you're going to be way more thorough than an automatic car wash. As the cover moves around and is taken on and off, it can scrape up your car's paint.

When and When Not to Use Let's start with this: Tire chains aren't legal everywhere. That would be the first "When Not" to use tire chains. Before you even set out to buy some, check if you're eveen allowed to put them on your car.

Tire chains are great in snowy weather, but pavement will destroy them, and some roads can experience damage from the chains. They could also destroy your tires or your wheels, brakes, wheel wells, and undercarriage. Make sure you can use them on your vehicle.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, assuming it's legal for you to use them and your car can work with them, let's go over some rules: