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How to Get the Best Resale When it's time to sell or trade in your used vehicle, you'll want to get the most money possible for it. In this article, we'll discuss the most common factors that contribute to a vehicle's resale value.


Having the right documentation can make a big difference in the final amount you receive. What sort of paperwork can be the most helpful for determining a car's value?

  • Paperwork from when you bought the car, showing the purchase price
  • Car history report, if available
  • Service records or receipts from maintenance, repairs, or upgrades
  • Insurance paperwork

What Makes a Vehicle StreetWhen you buy a vehicle from a dealership, you can be sure it's in street legal condition. If you buy a vehicle in a private sale, though, it's up to you to verify that it has everything it needs to be street legal. This is also true if you own an off-road vehicle (ORV) and would like to drive it on public roads.

While legal requirements vary slightly by state, this post will cover the basic requirements a vehicle must satisfy to be considered street legal.

Height Requirements

Many states have requirements regarding minimum vehicle height. Some states prohibit hydraulic lift suspensions. If the vehicle you purchase has been modified from manufacturer specifications (such as a "low rider" vehicle), check with your local department of motor vehicles to determine height requirements that may apply.

Vehicle Safety InspectionDepending on your state, your vehicle may be subject to a periodic safety inspection. In this post, we'll explore the reasons behind vehicle safety inspections and provide a list of areas covered during an inspection so that you can be ready when the time comes.

Why Do Vehicles Require Safety Inspections?

Typically, states conduct vehicle safety inspections to ensure that vehicles driven on public roads are safe to drive and free of defects that could jeopardize the safety of the driver and other motorists. Some states require these safety inspections before you can renew your license plate.

Used Car Buyers ChecklistAre you thinking of buying a used car? Car shopping can be a stressful experience, and if you're not careful, you could end up with a bad case of buyer's remorse. This post will provide a checklist of points to keep in mind when shopping for a used car.

Determine Your Needs

Before you even start shopping, you need to determine your needs. Ask yourself some preliminary questions, like:

  • How many miles will I be commuting?
  • Do I need space for my family?
  • How much cargo room will I need?
  • Will I be using this car for a side hustle like Uber or Grubhub?
  • How long do I plan on owning this car?

Know Your Car InsuranceShopping for car insurance can be a baffling ordeal, especially if you're not familiar with the various types of coverage options available. In this post, we'll explain the different types of insurance coverage so you can determine which coverage is right for you.

Liability Coverage

Most states require drivers to have liability coverage at a bare minimum. Liability coverage has two core components: