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Getting Oil Stains Out of ClothesMotor oil, grease, and other automotive chemicals can be tricky to remove from clothing. Success will vary by how bad the stain is, how long it has been sitting, what kind of fabric has been stained, and what you have on hand to fix it.

Home Remedies

You're going to want to use your better judgment about these steps. If, for instance, hot water or bleach is called for and you're dealing with a delicate natural fabric like wool or silk, better think again. For those fabrics that should never get wet or become subjected to chlorine bleach, either test them in an inconspicuous area or be extremely careful.

The objective here is to save and restore an item of clothing, not guarantee that it's been ruined. Follow these steps in order for easy oil or grease stain removal:

Antifreeze vs CoolantIs there any difference between antifreeze and coolant, and if so, what is it? Are their chemistries different or not, and does it really matter?

Can I just use plain old water in my car? And what about the orange stuff vs. the green stuff? Why are there so many choices? Sometimes a person just wants a coffee (for instance), and it's not like more choices are helpful!

What Is the Difference Between Antifreeze and Coolant?

It's actually really simple: antifreeze is undiluted coolant. Antifreeze is just a full-strength solution of either propylene glycol or ethylene glycol and other ingredients.

Propylene glycol is actually less toxic than ethylene glycol, but regardless of the main ingredient in your antifreeze, coolant is what either solution is called when diluted 50-50 with distilled water.

Why the Price of Gas Goes Up and Down - Key Factors

Why the Price of Gas Goes Up and DownIf you've had to fill up a tank of gas lately, you've probably noticed that the price of gas is like Bitcoin. It's going higher overall, but it doesn't seem to be the same from hour to hour. So what's going on? Why is it over $4 in most places? Let's talk about why gas prices fluctuate and what in particular is causing them to ping-pong at the moment.

Crude Oil

Crude oil prices are the biggest percentage of the cost increase. Since oil makes up 43% of the price of gas, when it goes up, so does the gas. And with the war currently raging in Ukraine, the world is issuing sanctions against Russia. Unfortunately, much of the supply of crude oil comes from Russia.

What is a Wheel BearingYou might not see them in the usual course of driving your car, but wheel bearings are what allow your vehicle to glide gently down the road. Without wheel bearings, friction would be nearly impossible to overcome, and your car wouldn't budge. That, or we'd be relying on copious amounts of lubricant.

What Wheel Bearings Do

Between the wheels and the axles/hubs, wheel bearings are there, ensuring that the wheels turn. The wheel bearings contain either steel ball bearings or tapered bearings that give a friction-free surface for smooth spinning.

How do Hybrid Cars WorkAh, hybrids. Once considered wimpy compromise cars for people concerned about the environment and not driving pleasure, now hybrids are some of the world's most compelling hypercars.

As soon as automotive enthusiasts realized that electric motors could propel vehicles with alarming amounts of torque, hybrids were embraced. But how do they work?

Internal Combustion Engine + Electric Motor = Hybrid

At its simplest, a hybrid car is one that has a gas, diesel, or another type of internal combustion engine (ICE) paired with one or more electric motors to drive the wheels. These motors can be for the benefit of fuel economy, allowing the car to get away with a less powerful and more efficient ICE.