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F150 vs Chevy SilveradoIn a battle that has been raging since the earth was a formless mass, it is time once again for Ford and Chevy to step back into the ring. Which is best in terms of tech, capacity, safety, power, and more? Now’s the time to settle this. Which will stand victorious in the end?


In this category, we’re looking at price, hauling, and passenger capacities.

Ford F-150

Starting at $39,165, the F-150 XLT seats up to six in SuperCrew spec and can handle up to 2,650 lbs in the box when properly equipped with Ford’s Ecoboost 3.5L V6.

Economy and Compact CarIt can be difficult to navigate the lexicon of automotive terms, especially when two words seem to convey the same thing. For example, economy and compact seem to be synonyms. If there’s a difference, what is it? 

Economy Cars

Economy cars aren’t the smallest you can buy. But economy cars are on the smaller, cheaper side of your transportation options list.

Size and Space

An economy car generally has two doors and seats four people. In this size class, the most useful format is the classic, two-box shape of the hatchback. 

Lightest Cars SoldDo you get the sense that cars are getting heavier? Well, they are. There are a lot of reasons for this:

  1. More and better sound deadening
  2. Safety features such as front and side impact airbags
  3. More tech and luxury items

    Despite the impression that old cars were more solid and heavier, new cars have them beat. A 1970 Dodge Challenger weighed
    3800 pounds. A 2022 Dodge Challenger weighs almost 4300 pounds.

Why Lighter Is Better

How to Plug a TireGreat — just great. Your tire is flat, and you need to be somewhere important. If that’s the case at this very second, we’re honored you chose to read this article about how to fix it yourself so you can be on your way.

The thing is, this is going to take a bit of prep, so hopefully your flat happened in your driveway, and you can go back inside and grab some stuff. By the way, this guide assumes the hole is in the tread portion of the tire. If it’s in the sidewall, now is the time to call a tow truck or just put on your spare.

What You Need to Plug Your Tire

Don’t worry; this will only take about 15 minutes. Before you get started, collect your supplies:

Best Diesel EngineWhile gas engines and electric motors are what you’ll find at the drag strip, diesel vehicles towed those fast cars there. There are a  few reasons diesel engines are the torque monsters they are, but mostly it’s because diesel’s highly energy dense. 

Diesel engines don’t need spark plugs to ignite the fuel. The mere act of pistons compressing diesel is enough to cause the required mini-explosions that translate into spinning tires. Both of these factors contribute to diesel getting better mileage and requiring less maintenance.

Which Diesel Engines You Want

In general, the best diesels belong to the big three (Chrysler, Ford, GM) from the 90s and early 2000s. While they may not be as efficient or clean as modern diesels, they are ludicrously reliable. The same goes for vintage Mercedes diesels and modern Audi diesels (although finding a modern Audi diesel in the US is next to impossible).