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How Much Horsepower Does a Unless you’re a die-hard vintage exotic sports car enthusiast, reliability and dependability are probably the most important metrics when choosing your vehicles. One of the best ways to find essential information on the latest new cars is by evaluating J.D. Power’s vehicle dependability study and Consumer Reports’ listing of the most reliable automakers.

J.D. Power tallies problems listed by consumers per 100 vehicles after three years of ownership for an “X number of problems per 100 vehicles” rating. Consumer Reports surveys its members regarding issues with their cars over a one-year period, then issues a “Predicted Reliability” score between 1 (least reliable) and 100 (most reliable).

Here are the brands with the best scores for 2024.


Lexus has a long-standing reputation for being low-maintenance, thanks to stringent quality control, even compared to the vehicles of parent company Toyota. For 2024, ratings for Lexus are as follows:

  • D. Power: 135
  • Consumer Reports: 79

From body panel tolerances and paint quality to thorough visual inspections and high-speed driving tests, Lexus vehicles are expected to be as close to perfect as possible when they hit showroom floors.


It’s often the case that Toyota owners stay with the brand because they simply don’t want to have to worry about their cars. Toyota rates as follows for 2024:

  • D. Power: 147
  • Consumer Reports: 76

The Camry, in particular, is a perennial bestseller, even after SUVs and crossovers began to dominate the marketplace. But Toyota offers more than economical vehicles and minivans. Toyota is also committed to enthusiast products, such as the GR86 sports car — co-developed with Subaru — and the rally-inspired GR Corolla.


While J.D. Power rates Buick and Chevrolet higher than Mini, Consumer Reports ranks Buick at number 12 and Chevrolet at number 20. This puts Mini comfortably in third place when averaging scores:

  • D. Power: 174
  • Consumer Reports: 71

These scores are an impressive showing for Mini, especially compared to ratings for its early generations.


Porsche is another example of a brand that ranks well on both lists yet sees disagreement with others:

  • D. Power: 175
  • Consumer Reports: 66

These numbers paint a picture of reliability for Porsche. In fact, J.D. Power lists the 2024 Porsche 718 as its most dependable 2024 car model, and Consumer Reports expects the 2024 Porsche Macan to exceed the reliability of the average new car.

However, RepairPal gives Porsche a 2 out of 5 for reliability, stating that of all repairs on Porsche models, 21% are “severe,” while the average for all brands is only 12%.


Mazda focuses on sophistication and quality more than other features these days. This shift has paid off in reliability, with an excellent showing on both the J.D. Power and Consumer Reports rankings:

  • D. Power: 185
  • Consumer Reports: 67

As Mazda works toward becoming a luxury brand, the leadership is keeping Lexus in their sights.

Which Brand Is Best for You?

For any prospective car owner, reliability is vital. An unreliable car can mean unnecessary costs and hassle. Still, every car brand offers its own set of pros and cons, and ultimately, which brand is right for you comes down to your personal needs and preferences.

Summary: Reliability surveys provide a glimpse at which car brands offer the most problem-free ownership. Here’s a look at the most reliable cars for 2024.

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