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Best Wheel Bearing GreaseChances are that you’ll never have to grease your wheel bearings. However, there are plenty of reasons you might need to, whether you own an older car, prefer to do your own work on your vehicles, or want to make sure you have the best possible wheel-bearing grease.

Different greases have different properties, so decide which is best for your vehicle based on driving habits and the type of car you own.

MobileGrease Mobilux EP-1:

If you drive a heavy-duty vehicle such as a large truck, this is the grease for you. Only $14.98 on Amazon, it can handle high temperatures (374 degrees F dropping point) and high pressures.

Lucas Oil Red ’N’ Tacky Wheel Bearing Grease

Lucas Oil’s Red ’N’ Tacky is $16.80 on Amazon and designed to stay where you put it without leaking or squirting out under load. Additionally, it’s water-resistant and protects against rust. This grease is ideal for people who like to go off-roading.

AtomLube Ultra Heavy Duty Red Grease

This is a super powerful grease that is commonly used in semi-tractor-trailers and construction equipment because it’s made to the National Lubricating Grease Institute’s strict standards. Only $23.60 on Amazon, it extends service intervals thanks to its nano-engineered penetrative characteristics.

GreaseCo Red and Tacky Automotive Lubricant

This grease has an impressive 500-degree F dropping point and can handle the most extreme pressures. Red and Tacky, which is $17.99 on Amazon, is lithium-based and suitable for nearly any vehicle.

Royal Purple Ultra-Performance Multi-Purpose Grease

Royal Purple’s Ultra-Performance grease is $12.99 at Amazon, stays consistent through extreme temperatures, and has a high load-bearing capacity. It prevents oxidation thanks to its waterproof nature and extends the service life of moving parts.

Why Use Wheel Bearing Grease at All?

Vehicle wheels turn at high speeds and can create a lot of friction. Loads constantly change, and the wheel bearings bear the brunt of these forces.

Without the right wheel bearing grease, the bearings will heat up and fail, possibly causing catastrophic damage to the vehicle. There are a few factors you need to consider when choosing a bearing grease.

Water Resistance

You’ll want to get a grease that will provide a protective barrier to block water.

High-Temperature Handling

Grease keeps parts moving smoothly. The higher the temperature resistance, the better the grease can keep heat from causing damage.

Load Capacity

A small sports car will have different loads than a massive dump truck. Different greases are designed with different loads in mind, making some more effective for large, heavy vehicles.

Buy the Right Grease

Take into account the type of vehicle you own and your driving habits. The right wheel bearing grease for one of your cars might be completely different than another.

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