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What is in a Dodge WarrantyFrom a V6 Durango designed to haul groceries to a mighty Challenger SRT Super Stock that swallows up dragstrips, there’s a wide span of vehicles available from Dodge, and though each will be used in different ways, one thing is true of all of them: They need the right protection.

Having a Dodge warranty means you won’t be on the hook when parts break prematurely. Fortunately, new Dodges come standard with the following:

Powertrain Warranty

The Dodge powertrain warranty lasts for your car’s first five years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. It covers what is arguably the “heart” of any car, that being the engine, transmission, and other driveline parts.

Engine Parts

These include all engine internals, such as the block, intake, fuel injection system, supercharger (if applicable), water and oil pumps, and so on.


The transmission includes the case, internals, torque converter, and sensors.

Driveline Components

Driveline components consist of the driveshaft, differential(s), and the transfer case if the vehicle features all-wheel drive (AWD).

Basic Limited Warranty

Dodge’s basic limited warranty is in place for three years/36,000 miles, and it is a “bumper to bumper” warranty that protects electrical systems, suspension parts, the chassis, and safety equipment. However, what isn’t covered by the warranty are consumable items, such as brake pads, tires, wiper blades, and lights.

Roadside Assistance

For five years/60,000 miles, Dodge will provide roadside assistance, which includes:

  • Jumpstarts
  • Roadside fuel delivery
  • Towing
  • Flat tire service

Other drive issues are covered on a case-by-case basis.

Buying Used

When buying a used Dodge, the good news is that the vehicle’s warranty coverage is transferable. As long as the Dodge you’re buying is still within its mileage and age requirements, you’ll get the same protection as the person who initially purchased it.

With that being said, if you’re shopping for used Dodge vehicles that may be beyond their original warranty coverage, you might want to purchase a warranty from Chrysler Factory Plans. The benefit of buying a warranty for a pre-owned vehicle is that you get the same protection as a new car, and sometimes even more.

For example, Chrysler Factory Plans offers:

Extending Warranty Coverage

If you intend to keep your Dodge for its entire life (or at least a considerably long time), you may want to extend your warranty coverage. The Maximum Care Vehicle Protection Plans offered by Chrysler Factory Plans, for instance, provide up to an additional eight years or 125,000 miles of coverage after your factory warranty runs out.

How Much Coverage Is Enough?

You might only need powertrain coverage, or you might need bumper-to-bumper if your Dodge is a daily driver. Whichever plan you choose, taking good care of your Dodge means it can take care of you!

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