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Five Dash Cams for Your CarAutomobile accidents happen thousands of times a day in the United States. Some are hit-and-runs, and many are fatal. When it comes to proving accountability in these incidents, a dash cam is a valuable tool.

Dash cams are also handy for capturing videos to share online. No need to reach for your phone and risk causing an accident while filming.

Top 5 Picks for Your Consideration

If you're interested in a dash cam for your vehicle, we can help you choose the right one. According to customer reviews and industry ratings, these are the top five picks.

#1. Vantrue X4

Features: Offers 2160p (4K/UHD) resolution, night vision, 24-hour parked-car monitoring, and GPS tracking. This compact unit is unobtrusive, with a three-inch screen that's easy to read and buttons that are easy to access.

Price: Between $140 to $200

One disadvantage with this unit is that it lacks app connectivity.

#2. Nextbase 622GW

Features: Works great in colder temperatures. It has 4K resolution, night vision, GPS tracking, and 24-hour monitoring. You'll appreciate the Bluetooth connectivity, Alexa support, and emergency calling capability.

Price: About $400

The Nextbase unit is powered by a lithium-ion battery that keeps it functional in temperatures as low as minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit.

#3. Vantrue S1

Features: Want to record in front of and behind your vehicle? If so, the Vantrue S1 is the best choice. It provides both front and rear camera options. The S1 has a 4K resolution for the front camera and 1080p resolution on the rear cam. GPS tracking, night vision, and 24-hour parked-car monitoring are other great features.

Price: Between $130 to $180

This model is somewhat bulky, but it performs better than many others.

#4. Vantrue N2S

Features: If you want to record the front and interior of your vehicle, the Vantrue N2S is a great choice. The front camera has 4K resolution with 1440p for the interior cam. It provides clear footage day or night. These cams are handy for ride-share drivers working for companies such as Lyft or Uber. GPS tracking and 24-hour parked car monitoring are also included.

Price: Between $165 to $220

This cam is capacitor-powered and operates in temperatures up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

#5. Garmin Dash Cam Mini

Features: If you're looking for a compact, discreet camera, this mini cam is a good choice. No bigger than a key fob, the camera is almost invisible. Despite its small size, the 1080p model provides quality video. It easily transfers to another vehicle and fits in your glove box for storage.

Price: Around $130.00

This cam doesn't have a display, but the SmartPhone app solves this problem.

Value, Safety, and Security

These five cameras offer the best combination of features to enhance your safety and security when you're considering the features and prices listed above. As you can see, there are some great choices in dash cams. You won't be stuck with a unit that doesn't meet your needs.

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