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Vehicle Warranties for WheeMost car dealers and manufacturers offer warranty and service options on their vehicles. If you purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle, though, you may have components and mechanisms that require additional care. What sorts of vehicle warranties are available for wheelchair accessible vehicles?

The Unique Components of a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Some wheelchair accessible vehicles are specifically built for wheelchair access. Other vehicles have been converted from regular vehicles and made to be wheelchair accessible. In both cases, there may be several unique structural and mechanical components, including:

  • Wheelchair lifts
  • Rear-entry or side-entry access doors
  • Seating solutions and/or mechanized seats
  • Modified pedal or steering column configurations

While the vehicle's drivetrain may be covered by a manufacturer or dealer's warranty, these additional elements will require further coverage.

Vehicle Service Contracts

Many dealers can offer a vehicle service contract that extends the warranty of your vehicle, providing coverage for both the vehicle itself and the mobility equipment it contains.

This coverage is typically purchased at the time of sale. This not only ensures the best price, but also ensures that there is never a lapse in coverage. Plans tend to vary based on the features they cover as well as the length of coverage, so it's up to you to pick the plan options that best fit your needs.

Available Warranty Options

Warranty options vary based on the company—that is, based on who underwrites the policy. Additionally, some companies have different benefits for the structural and mechanical components of the vehicle.

Warranties for Older Vehicles

One of the more widely respected companies is BraunAbility. Participating dealers can offer the BraunAbility Protection Plan. The advantage of this plan is that it can be purchased on vehicles not traditionally covered by other warranties. Customers can apply this protection plan to vehicles up to 20 years old or with up to 190,000 miles, providing a high degree of flexibility.

Warranty Coverage for Mechanical and Structural Elements

Rollx Vans offers warranty options on their new vehicles. The power equipment on a new Rollx minivan is covered for 3 years or 36,000 miles. Any additional structural modifications (e.g., floor, frame, and ramps) are warrantied for 7 years or 100,000 miles—one of the longest structural warranties in the industry.

Their full-size vans offer the same warranty on their power equipment, as well as a 6-year or 60,000-mile warranty on the lowered floor, frame, and any metal fabrication.

Additional Benefits

Some warranties offer additional benefits that add value to their mobility protection plan. For instance, BraunAbility's protection plan includes roadside assistance on a pay-per-use basis. Services include:

  • Towing ($250 per use)
  • Trip interruption ($100 per day for as many as four days)
  • Car rental ($125 per day for five days)
  • Lockout services

These additional benefits might save you money on similar services offered by a car dealer or an insurance provider.

In Conclusion

Wheelchair accessible vehicles have warranty options that cover the vehicle itself as well as the structural and mechanical modifications made for accessibility. The exact coverage will vary based on the company underwriting the policy and the components covered in the plan.