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Planning a Car Museum TourAre you looking to tour all the best car museums in the United States? We don't blame you. There are plenty of automotive museums stocked with amazing examples of automotive history spread all over the country.

If you're looking to plan a car museum tour, read through this list of our picks for the top ten car museums in the United States. Then, pack your suitcase.

1. National Automobile Museum – Reno, Nevada

If you're looking for the only Dymaxion car in existence, you need to visit the National Automobile Museum. This outstanding collection of vehicles spans from the rare to the famous, including showstoppers like the car James Dean drove in Rebel Without a Cause. You won't find a collection as robust as this one very often.

2. Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This special automotive museum is reserved for the greatest race cars to ever touch the track. That includes the 1911 Stutz Bearcat and, of course, the 1970 Porsche 917 LH that stunned spectators. If you're looking for cars that have screamed around the track racing for glory, this is the museum for you.

3. Mullin Automotive Museum – Oxnard, California

While many car museums focus on amassing the biggest collection possible, the Mullin Automotive Museum is focused on one type of car: French cars from the Art Deco period. This means a visit to the museum will treat you to sights of Buggattis, Voisins, Talbot-Lagos, and Delahayes.

4. Larz Anderson Auto Museum – Brookline, Massachusetts

This museum is housed in a massive mansion and claims to be the oldest collection of cars in the United States. On the ground floor, you'll find a collection of motorcycles and cars. The basement, however, is stocked with rare turn-of-the-century cars; so don't forget to head downstairs!

5. Lane Motor Museum – Nashville, Tennessee

Anyone who is looking for weird and wild cars should pay a visit to the Lane Motor Museum. You'll find a wide selection of vehicles that contain various oddities, including the zany 1951 Hoffman that featured a propeller.

6. The Henry Ford – Dearborn, Michigan

Even though it might seem like a Ford museum, the Henry Ford is a museum that aims to showcase the ways that Americans have interacted with cars since their creation. This means that there's a focus on consumer cars, but there are a few race cars in the mix, too.

7. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame – Indianapolis, Indiana

As the home of the Indy 500, you better believe that this museum features an outstanding collection of historic race cars. Cars that became legends are housed in this monument to speed.

8. National Corvette Museum – Bowling Green, Kentucky

As you might guess, this museum is all about Corvettes. You'll find notable ‘vettes from the company's history. Many consider this to be the biggest collection of Corvettes in the world.

9. Antique Automobile Club of America Museum – Hershey, Pennsylvania

Are you a fan of the older side of cars? You'll feel right at home at this museum. Their claim to fame is that they are home to the biggest collection of Tuckers in the world, a notable achievement.

10. Petersen Automotive Museum – Los Angeles, California

This museum just recently reopened, so stop in! The Petersen Automotive Museum paints a great picture of the magnificent history of cars. Here, you'll find the Ferrari 308 from Magnum PI and a Toyota 2000GT, all under the same roof.

Which Museum is First?

Where will you start on your car museum tour? Don't worry—there's no wrong decision. Enjoy the history of cars throughout your tour of the best museums in the country.