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Lift Kits and Vehicle WarraIf you want to get a lift kit for your truck, but are curious as to how it could affect your vehicle warranty coverage, you are not alone. Different warranties handle lift kits in different ways. Some require the lift kit to be installed by a dealer, while others consideration the installation of a lift kit grounds for voiding the warranty altogether. Others can fall somewhere in between. In this post, we are going to take a closer look at what lift kits are, why you might want one, and what it could mean for your vehicle warranty.

What is a Lift Kit?

You may have heard about lift kits in a country song. A lift kit is a combination of after-market parts and equipment designed to lift a vehicle further off the ground. There are two main types of life kits: body lifts and suspension lifts. A body lift kit uses a spacer to raise the body from the frame of the vehicle. A suspension lift kit lifts the vehicle from the wheels/axle by increasing the height of the suspension of the vehicle. As you can imagine, there are benefits and drawbacks to both types of lift kits.

Body lifts are great if you would like to put larger tires on your truck because they provide a small lift of 1-to-3 inches. Body lifts are often the more affordable option, as well. Body lifts can also change how a vehicle handles and cause a visible gap between the body and the frame of the vehicle, which some people can find unappealing. Suspension lifts are great because there is no real limit on how high you can lift your truck—except the legal limits; more on those in a minute. Suspension lifts tend to be a more the expensive option, as they are more mechanically complicated and can be difficult to install.

Why Get a Lift Kit?

May people find lift kits appealing for a variety of different reasons. The most obvious reason, of course, is because of the look. If you don't like your truck looking like a monster truck, no other reason is going to make you want to install one. Lifts are really good for creating extra space for large tires providing additional space under the vehicle. This is ideal for people who like to like to spend their time off-roading in their trucks.

Left Kits and the Law

When you finally decide which lift will work best for you and your needs, you'll want to make sure you are installing your lift to the legal specifications of your state. For example, some states have a limit on how high headlights and tail lights can be from the ground. If your lift is being installed by a dealer or independent mechanic, they will make sure it follows your states specifications. In fact, you may want to reference your local and state guidelines before you purchase a lift kit to make sure you aren't acquiring one that is illegal in your area.

Lift Kits and Vehicle Warranties

Lifts can also void some extended warranties. If an extended warranty is something you currently have or are considering purchasing, you should check with your warranty provider to make sure the lift kit you want will be covered. For example, Mopar Vehicle Protection will cover Mopar lifts between 2 and 4 inches that are installed by the factory or dealership if lift kit coverage is purchased. Lift kit coverage will have to be purchased in conjunction with an extended warranty through Mopar within your 3-year/36,000-mile factory warranty. No aftermarket lift kits will be covered and could void your warranty if you have one installed. Ford also offers factory backed service plans. Lift kits under Ford’s plan will not be covered at any time. If you have one installed, it will void your service plan and,/i> you will lose the chance at any refund.

In Conclusion

While you may love the look of a lift kit and want one for your truck, it's wise to take factors beyond cosmetic appeal into account. Namely, you should consider whether a body lift kit or suspension lift kit meets your needs, who is going to install it, what the legal limitations may be, and how it could affect your vehicle warranty.