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The Tesla CybertruckIt's big, it's angular, and it's fully electric. What else can we expect when mad genius Elon Musk decides to bring a Tesla truck to market? The Cybertruck, introduced in December of 2019 with an anticipated 2022 launch date, is nothing short of revolutionary in terms of truck design.

It looks a lot like a cross between a DeLorean and The Dark Knight Batmobile, which is kind of cool, but with a heavy dose of "but why?" thrown in. Still, trucks haven't seen much innovation since Ford started rolling heavy-duty pickups like the F-Series off the assembly line in 1948, so you could argue the market is overdue for an overhaul.

Will the Cybertruck herald the wave of the future or fizzle before it has a chance? Here are a few interesting features that may sway consumers, and a bit of speculation on what this EV could mean for the truck market moving forward.

What the Heck is It?

The Tesla Cybertruck is nearly 20 feet of stainless steel body that features up to three electric motors and is rated to haul up to 14,000 pounds, with a range purported to be more than 500 miles. Okay, that's a lot to digest, but it's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the innovative features you'll find in this "truck of the future."

Let's do a quick breakdown of the most important option: the motor. There's a single, dual, or tri motor option, with improvements by tier. The single motor, starting at $39,900, offers rear-wheel drive, a range of 250+ miles, and a 0-60 of 6.5 seconds, with max speed of 110 mph.

The dual and tri motor models come with standard all-wheel drive. The dual motor model starts at $49,900, has a range of 300+ miles, a 0-60 of 4.5 seconds, and a top speed of 120 mph, while the tri motor serves up a range of 500+ miles, it'll hit 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds, and speeds top out at 130 mph. The starting price for this monster is $69,900. Towing capacity improves from 7,500 pounds for the single motor, to 10,000 for the dual and 14,000 for the tri.

The large interior will seat six people, but comforts and amenities are sparse. So far, the only notable bright spot is a 17-inch touchscreen awkwardly mounted to the otherwise ascetic dashboard. A 6.4-foot cargo bed delivers usable volume of 100 cubic feet.

What Does It All Mean?

Even though the launch of the Cybetruck is nearly two years out, reviewers aren't shy about voicing their opinions, which range from comments like "polarizing" and "ugly" to questions about whether it's a prank. The spacy aesthetic is jarring, to say the least, and it's anyone's guess whether consumers will warm up to it in the months before it hits the market.

Harder to discount is the pricing, which is surprisingly low, or the practical features and intriguing options that are sure to delight any truck lovers looking to go eco-friendly without losing power or range. With plenty of things to love and looks that might have to grow on consumers, the Tesla Cybertruck could just be the EV that disrupts the truck market.