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Vehicle Warranties for WheeMost car dealers and manufacturers offer warranty and service options on their vehicles. If you purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle, though, you may have components and mechanisms that require additional care. What sorts of vehicle warranties are available for wheelchair accessible vehicles?

The Unique Components of a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Some wheelchair accessible vehicles are specifically built for wheelchair access. Other vehicles have been converted from regular vehicles and made to be wheelchair accessible. In both cases, there may be several unique structural and mechanical components, including:

Vehicle Warranties for CommMost car owners are already familiar with vehicle warranties for their car or truck. While these warranties apply primarily to personal-use vehicles, warranties are also available for commercial-use vehicles. What are the differences between personal and commercial vehicle warranties?

Who Needs a Commercial Vehicle Warranty?

If you use a car or truck as part of your business, it should already be classified as a commercial-use vehicle. This is especially true if this vehicle is driven by any of your employees. If an employee uses their personal vehicle to serve your business, it's wise to upgrade them to a commercial vehicle insurance policy. Otherwise, if that employee causes an accident that results in an injury or the damage of property, under the law, you (as the relevant employer) may be held liable.

The Roots of the AutobahnDo you feel the need for speed? If so, the Autobahn might be your dream come true. This iconic German highway is most famous for its lack of speed limits. How did the Autobahn come to be? Why are there no speed limits? In this post, we'll explore the history of the Autobahn and how it emerged as a cultural symbol.

Hitler's Brainchild

The Autobahn has a checkered history. German roadways began as early as 1913, though these roads lacked the quality and connectivity of later construction projects. Planning for a highway system began in the mid-1920s during the Weimar Republic, but it was the Nazis who accelerated construction efforts after they rose to power in 1933.

22Amphibious Vehicles The NOriginally designed for military application, amphibious vehicles have become increasingly popular among recreation and car enthusiasts. With a growing market, it's conceivable that we'll be seeing more and more of these unique cars in the years ahead.

In this post, we'll trace the history and recent advancements of amphibious vehicles, which could very easily become the next trend in automobiles.

A Brief History of the Amphibious Car

Amphibious vehicles are designed for use on land as well as on water. While they were originally created for military use, they very quickly became popular on the civilian market.

Why Hertz Had to File BankrHertz may not be the biggest name in the rental car game, but they are certainly an influential rental car company. With more than 500,000 cars in their fleet and locations at most airports on the planet, Hertz was one of the most well-known companies in the industry. How did a century-old company find itself in bankruptcy court?

While most of the damage came from COVID-19 causing a sudden drop in demand for rental cars, the rest of the damage came from not being able to sell their retired cars. Selling retired cars is a significant portion of their business, but because of the pandemic, there were no customers for what they were selling.

Essentially overnight, Hertz went from being a successful multi-million-dollar rental car company to a business that was barely scraping by. With lockdowns spreading around the world and jobs disappearing, Hertz started their descent.